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At Watsonville Acupuncture we promote health and longevity using a combination of modalities including Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Manual Therapy.  Our team of healthcare providers work collaboratively with a focus on pain management and emotional well-being.

It is our mission to help facilitate a healing environment for all people from every walk of life.  We do not discriminate anybody.

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Indigenous Medicine, Ancient Wisdom

The use of Acupuncture needles and Herbal Medicine extends well beyond the borders of present-day China.  The meridian systems used with Acupuncture and Medicinal Herbs have been discovered across every continent in the modern world.  This form of natural medicine existed long before the pharmaceutical industry and was passed down from generation to generation over the course of thousands of years.  Despite how ancient this medical system may seem, it has stood the test of time and is still effective to this day.

Clinical Efficacy in the Modern World

As modern society has progressed, the demand for optimal health and longevity have created a need for holistic forms of healthcare in the west.  The ever changing landscape of the post-industrial world has reintroduced the necessity for holistic forms of healthcare as people look for less invasive solutions to address their health concerns.  Clinical research conducted globally has provided more evidence of the efficacy of Asian Medicine in treating a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. 


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  • Great News!  The Alliance (Central California Alliance for Health) has now approved up to 5 visits per month of Acupuncture without a referral!  Visit www.TheAlliance.Health for more information on how to join!​​

  • Don't forget to stay well-hydrated this summer season!  Incorporating electrolytes into your daily water intake is a great way to optimize your health.  Visit for more information on natural mineral supplements.

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